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We produce a number of industry reports and thought-leading white papers, covering all aspects of the sectors and services in which we work.

Explore our reports from our UK and Europe business: 


I'm improving passenger experience

I'm improving passenger experience

The implications of connected and autonomous vehicles on our energy network

I'm finding ways to fuel the future

I'm finding ways to fuel the future

The implications of connected and autonomous vehicles on our energy network

The Value of Stations

Stations are no longer places that people just pass through, they are places where people live, work and shop and can form the very heart of our communities. This report looks at how a station and its design can add real value to our cities and the people who live in them. 

Cyber resilient infrastructure

Cyber resilient Infrastructure Report

Securing our critical national infrastructure and defence capabilities.
Our free report is designed to help business leaders to gain a greater awareness of the benefits and challenges of ensuring your organisation is 'cyber resilient'.

From transport to mobility: introducing multi-modal transport

Journey management

With increasing pressures and growing customer demands on safer, reliable, affordable transport we need to find new solutions to managing customer journeys – and to do this seamlessly for all journeys across all transport modes - such as cars, bikes, buses, planes, trains, personal mobility devices and walking - while connecting essential public services such health and education.

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

CAVs are a subject of huge interest both in the UK and internationally, as companies and cities try to understand what the future holds when these vehicles are widely available. Much focus has been made on the future – from platooning and connected traffic lights to last mile automation – and the possible travel solutions that may exist.

Journeys of the Future report

Journeys of the Future

The transport sector is at the beginning of a period of significant disruption, with new technologies, products and services fundamentally shifting customer expectations and opportunities.

The Skills Deficit

The critical importance of infrastructure to the UK’s global competitiveness, economy, businesses and society is undisputed. Our report highlights some of the very real consequences industry could face if we fail to address the UK skills shortage effectively in the UK. Collated with the views of 40 experts from infrastructure owners and their supply chain, academia and industry bodies, we focus specifically on the consequences of four key sectors: water, energy, transport and digital infrastructure.

Female Engineers report

Britain’s got talented female engineers

To help encourage more women into engineering, Atkins led a unique survey in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering, Rolls-Royce and BP to ask 300 professional female UK engineers what inspired them to choose a career in engineering and how they feel about their choice. This report provides fascinating insights, statistics and views which we hope will prove to be a hugely popular tool in inspiring a new generation of female engineers.

Future Proofing Cities

Future Proofing Cities

Half the world’s population, 3.5 billion people, now live in cities and this is forecasted to reach 60% by 2030 and 75% by 2050. So how do we create liveable and inclusive cities fit for the future? Our report, produced in partnership with the UK Department for International Development and University College London, assessed 129 major cities across Africa and Asia and was developed to help tackle risks to long term prosperity and growth.




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